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Motion Industrial Products Ltd specialise in the design and supply of engineering components to leading manufacturing and process plants throughout the UK. Our main product focus is the supply of Bearings, Chains & Sprockets, Belts & Pulleys, Motors, Industrial Gearboxes, Pumps and Inverters. We also offer a fully equipped Machine Shop and a Repairs Division dedicated to the repair and overhaul of Electric Motors, Industrial Gearboxes and Lowara Pumps.


Manufacturing experience

We have many years of experience in this area of expertise and we would welcome any enquiries that you may have. Our staff have previously worked with or supplied to some of the largest and well known manufacturers in the country as well as many much smaller independent companies over the years.


We'll supply you with the right part for the job

Not only can we supply the right part for the job, but we are also heavily involved in solutions to engineering problems. Please browse through our website which contains a small amount of information regarding each type of product or service that we are able to supply. If you are not sure what the part is you need please talk to us, send us a photo. We will help you find the right part for the job.


Our service is second to none and anyone who has previously used us will know that once they have instructed us to do a job, they can rest assured that it is being taken care of by us and that we will deliver the goods by the promised deadline. Breakdowns are our bread & butter and we could save you thousands ££££ in reduced downtime. Products offered include: Lowara Pumps, Conveyor Chain & Industrial Gearboxes.


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